Hannity rants about Weinstein 2 weeks after he hosts Bill O’Reilly


Business Insider: Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday ranted about the supposed liberal hypocrisy of failing to call out Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Over the past two days, Hannity has blasted Hollywood celebrities and Democrats for hypocrisy over Weinstein, particularly singling out 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and noted the producer’s history of donations to Democratic candidates and causes.

“This is beyond despicable, beyond shameful, these rumors have been out there for years, and it’s not surprising from the left,” Hannity said. more …

Opinion: My how the progressive left changes its tune. From 1992 – 2000 the sexual abuse scandals of then President William Jefferson Clinton were swept under the rug by virtually every major news outlet in the country. Billy’s wife even blamed it on a vast right wing conspiracy.

But what about us Christians? How do we fare in all this? The answer was spelled out in a post on PJ Media a few days ago:

The story of Harvey Weinstein’s abuse of women has been dominating the news cycle. Weinstein, co-founder of the famed Miramax studio and, until this week, co-chairman of the Weinstein Company, has been accused of sexual harassment by woman after woman. The accusations aren’t new revelations; Hollywood has known for years that Weinstein treats women as if they exist solely for his enjoyment. Of course, Hollywood hasn’t cared, because it has a history of treating women as if they exist solely for the enjoyment of men.

I can’t help but wonder how many Christians will nod in agreement with the previous statement while surfing through Netflix to find a movie to watch. On one level, that’s fine. As hard as this may be to believe, especially considering this current article and the manymany other anti-pop culture articles that I’ve written, I’m not opposed to movies or pop culture, in general. I am opposed to Christians denying the reality that pop culture is actively engaged in a war against their Savior. The denial of that reality allows Christians to excuse their interaction with pop culture in a manner that is unthinking, hypocritical, and dishonoring to Jesus.

How many Christians feel just a bit uncomfortable buying movie tickets to R-rated movies, or how many order R (or worse) pay per view at a hotel or at home?

Editor and I took part in a couples small group at our church a few years ago. The question was asked, how can we best show our Christian faith?

One woman, the moderator’s wife, nailed the answer: By our behavior.

Sean Hannity has a ‘blind spot’ when it comes to O’Reilly, who was accused of the same thing (sexual harassment). In this way, Hannity is not much different than those Christians who continue to watch movies/tv series that cross the line.

Just maybe Harvey Weinstein taught us all a lesson:

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10


  1. I refuse to give my money to a company like Netflix. I did, for a very short time, till I realized they were backing Hollywood’s superliberals 100% on certain issues. Since then, I am very careful who I choose to support. Christians don’t have to feel just a little bit uncomfortable buying R-rated movies. They may also feel that same sense of guilt by supporting a company that strongly backs a large group of people who defiantly oppose Jesus as Lord and Savior, and His followers.

    As far as Sean Hannity not being different from the Christians who watch movies/tv shows that cross the line, in a sense, he really is different. Sean Hannity is a staunch Catholic. He shares different views on the truth about the gospel. And at times, he likes to push those views onto the viewers. I refuse to watch FoxNews. The only difference between FoxNews and companies like CNN and MSNBC is that at least the latter are a little more honest about being liberal (not that I watch them either).

    We are to search out the truth. The public will never find the truth in MSM or on Netflix.

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