Heat or Eat? Natural Gas Prices Set to Skyrocket This Winter on Biden’s Watch


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Another day, another terrifying development for struggling Americans on President Joe Biden’s watch.

In addition to historically low levels of diesel fuel supply and depleted home heating oil reserves in the Northeast that will likely result in a literal winter of death for some, millions of American families will soon be forced to gather around the kitchen table for a depressing and scary conversation regarding how they’ll afford natural gas this winter in Biden’s America.

There is a way that seems right to a man,
But its end is the way of death.” Proverbs 14:12

In a bombshell Nov. 9 report that the mainstream media has virtually ignored, data from Biden’s U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) indicated that it predicts the price of natural gas prices will skyrocket during the upcoming winter season. Prices are expected to hit at least 10-12-year highs, and that’s based on normal winter conditions.

Some long-term forecasts strongly suggest that the upcoming winter season will be especially cold for many areas of the country, as well as higher snowfall amounts for many areas, exacerbating the looming home energy crisis.

We forecast that natural gas spot prices at the U.S. benchmark Henry Hub will average $6.09 per million British thermal units (MMBtu) this winter (November 2022–March 2023), the highest real price since winter 2009–10.

Our forecast reflects natural gas storage levels that are 4% below average heading into winter withdrawal season and more demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) as the Freeport LNG facility comes back online.

What’s especially interesting in the EIA’s report is their reasoning for the expected spike in natural gas demand. It said the demand will likely result from increased usage of natural gas-based “space heating” in January and February.

That makes sense, given that so many millions of Americans might have to turn to space heating options if they’re unable to afford or even source home heating oil and other critical fuels this winter, all of which are expected to be expensive and in short supply.

The EIA added:

Despite lower Henry Hub spot prices since August, we expect natural gas prices to rise this winter as a result of seasonal demand for natural gas in space heating, which typically peaks in January and February. We expect that higher demand for LNG exports—particularly in the Northern Hemisphere—will also increase natural gas prices.

Here’s another tidbit about natural gas, taken straight from the EIA’s website. Keep in mind the EIA is likely using the most conservative data possible. In other words, it’ll likely be much worse.

From the EIA:


  1. I had never thought to see the day when this would headline in the US.

    This is the situation so many working and retired Brits are in even as I write. Eat or heat!

    It seems to me here in the UK the American economy is as badly managed as Europe’s and ours. Yet how can that be?

    Enacting a pre-determined plan to impoverish as many people as possible; end the consumer boom and return us all to Depression era levels of living.

    Yes, pre-determined.

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