Hezbollah shows off US-made weaponry as IDF warily eyes explosive border



JPost: “It was the first ever military parade on foreign soil. And they showed off.

Images of the parade, which was held last week in the Syrian city of Qusayr, showed a wide array of the militant group’s artillery: Soviet-made T-72 tanks, Russian Kornet anti-tank missiles armored personnel carriers, rapid response motorcycles and KS-12A anti-aircraft weapons.

But the most significant and worrisome vehicles on display were the American-made M113 armored personnel carriers (APCs), the type provided to the Lebanese army (LAF) by the United States, prompting many analysts to speculate that the group may have received them from the LAF.”

Opinion: Somebody Call Somebody! The American-made arms were part of an aid package to bolster Lebanon from Islamic militant groups.

So the US is providing weapons to Lebanon’s army to protect against virulent terror groups and the weapons wind up in the hands of one of the worst terror groups on the planet.

No one is that inept, with the exception of the Obama government. So not only have we supplied weapons to Hezbollah, but in March of 2015 the Pentagon admitted that it lost track of $500 million in weapons that likely ended up in the hands of ISIS.

And Israel is in the cross-hairs.

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