High hopes of Arab summit OK for Israel peace step


Debkafile: If the Arab summit opening in Amman Wednesday, March 29 meets the expectations of Washington and Jerusalem, the session will ratify a pivotal initiative for promoting an historic peace process between the Arab world and Israel.

This effort, which matured through five months of mostly secret diplomacy, was launched by Donald Trump in November, shortly after he was elected US President.

DEBKAfile’s sources in Washington and Jerusalem report exclusively that President Trump and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman crafted this proposal at the White House on March 14. more

Opinion: This first hint of a Sunni/Israeli deal came on February 15, with PM Netanyahu’s visit with President Trump.

At the press conference that day, the two leaders referred to “An Important New Idea” involving Sunni states (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman) making peace with Israel in exchange for US protection from Iranian aggression.

The proposal was then crafted with Saudi Arabia on March 14, when the president met with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The regional fears of Iran also presented an opportunity for cooperation against the Islamic State and radical Islamic terror which is why President Trump sent US military forces into Syria and the Yemen.

Tomorrow promises to be chock-full of optimism as foolish men try for Middle East peace without the world’s #1 state sponsor of terror, Iran.

We know from Daniel 9:27 that one day a (false) 7 year peace accord will be enforced. But without Iran and her proxies, Syria, Iraq, Hamas, and Hezbollah the fulfillment of the prophecy is still not yet.