Hillary Mum on Coughing Fits, Special Eyeglasses



WND: “Hillary Clinton’s refusal to answer questions about her recent coughing fits or to explain why she is wearing eyeglasses fitted with Fresnel prisms supports the conclusion of several qualified physicians that her presidential campaign is still keeping key health records hidden from the American public.”

Opinion: In 2013,  I speculated in writing the fiction chapter of our book “Antichrist: The Search For Amalek”.  At the time, Hillary’s 2012 fall and concussion had only made news on selected websites, as the mainstream press diligently avoided the story.

In chapter 10, I tried to imagine how the political and prophetic might come together in the 2016 election.  I took a chance with the idea that Hillary would not be president, and that by the elections, either I had it right, or chapter 10 would not make the next revision of the book.

In July 2014, just after the printing of the book, husband Bill, in a rare moment of truth-telling, made the statement that shocked even me. He told the press that it took former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ‘six months of very serious work’ to recover from the fainting spell in December 2012 that resulted in a concussion and blood clot.

Bingo, my theory got legs. While I do not revel in Hillary’s illness, 20 years of Clinton scandals and cover-ups made the risk worth taking.

Michael Ramirez Political Cartoon:” Teaching Hillary’s Old Lap Dogs A New Trick” @ BPTnews.org


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