Holes In Obama’s North Korea Nuclear ‘Shield’



Investors Op-Ed: “Nuclear Attack: After more than seven years in office, President Obama, who in 2007 promised to “eliminate North Korea’s nuclear weapons program” with “a strong international coalition,” now proposes shooting down their ICBMs. Reality detonates late.

The North Korean nuclear threat to the U.S. homeland was going to be a piece of cake for a charismatic genius like Barack Obama.

As president, the furthest Obama ever got with North Korea is a food aid agreement in 2012 that collapsed within a month when youthful dictator Kim Jong Un ordered a three-stage ballistic missile test. The president’s approach has since shifted from working to build that “strong international coalition” that will “eliminate North Korea’s nuclear weapons program” to … crossing his fingers.”

Opinion: North Korea is not mentioned in Prophecy except perhaps as a member of the kings of the East in Revelation 16:12 near the climax of the war of Armageddon.

But keep in mind that nowhere in the wars of the last days is an American superpower mentioned, and North Korea already has two satellites orbiting the earth.

The hermit kingdom’s most dangerous threat to its perceived enemies, South Korea and the US is an EMP.

So after scrapping missile defense systems in Europe and cutting billions from missile defense, the president has finally come up with a new plan to protect us:


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