JPost: ANALYSIS – From the Israeli perspective, there is both some bad news and some good news with regards to the legal bombshell that the International Criminal Court prosecutor dropped on the US on Monday.

The ICC prosecutor filed a formal submission to move the US’s conduct in the Afghanistan War and its interrogation of its prisoners to a full criminal war crimes investigation.

In short, the bad news for Israel is four-fold. The ICC crossed the Rubicon in daring: 1) to go after a democracy, the US, which said it had investigated itself, 2) to go after the world’s superpower despite the diplomatic consequences, 3) to go after “war crimes” beyond the traditional paradigm of prosecuting genocide, namely the US’s “torture” interrogations, which many thought the ICC would stay away from, and 4) to go after top US defense and intelligence officials and not just the rank and file. more …

Opinion: The ICC is a threat that should not be dismissed as just another group of globalist ideologues that will fade into obscurity. In fact, I would venture to say that the ICC will be a necessary plank in the platform of the revived Roman empire.

I went into the Omega Letter archives to see what my late mentor, Jack Kinsella, had to say:

On December 31, 2000, former president Bill Clinton issued the following official statement from Camp David. “The United States is today signing the 1998 Rome Treaty on the International Criminal Court. In taking this action, we join more than 130 other countries that have signed by the 31 December, 2000 deadline established in the Treaty.”

Clinton’s action, taken in the final hours of his presidency, won praises from the international elitists and Ivory Tower editorialists for taking his ‘bold’ action. 

Some background: A permanent international court has been on the globalists’ wish list since the end of World War II. 

The expansive jurisdiction claimed by the ICC would put every U.S. serviceman and woman, and even U.S. travelers especially if they are or have been public officials, at risk of being grabbed for trial by judges from Sierra Leone, Sudan, Iran, and other nations hostile to the rule of law, but make up the UN’s cadre of ‘international justices’. 

The ICC is part and parcel of persistent plans to erase the borders of national sovereignty by globalizing governments, economies, judicial systems, peacekeeping, and so-called humanitarian escapades. 

In 2004, President George W. Bush did something that had globalists seeing red: He unsigned the Rome treaty making himself an enemy of elitists all over the world and frustrating the ICC’s long term plans to prosecute the US and Israel for perceived war crimes.

The ICC ‘s plans to prosecute the US over civilian deaths in Afghanistan will no doubt fall on its face under a Trump administration. And since President Trump appears to have Israel’s back (for now) means the ICC will likely have to wait to prosecute its perceived crimes over civilian deaths in the 2014 Hamas war.

That the ICC court answers to no one and is very patient is evident in that it took 10 years to file a criminal investigation against the US.

Waiting for a new global structure to prosecute Israel is just a matter of time.

An infrastructure is under construction for the final dictator, and his court is waiting.