Hungarian Leader: Only Christianity Can Save Europe


The New American: As Europe struggles with the engineered arrival of millions of Middle Eastern and African Muslims, and with many millions more preparing to join the influx, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (shown) said a return to Christianity was Europe’s “last hope” if it is going to avoid destruction at the hands of globalists.

The fiery leader, who has warned of a “treasonous conspiracy” of “internationalist fanatics” running the European Union super-state, said the greatest danger to Western civilization was now the radical politicians in Brussels, Paris, and Berlin orchestrating the mass migration and the de-Christianization of the West.

Soon, the forces of Islam will be swamping Hungary not just from the South, but from West, too, as Western Europe becomes increasingly Islamic and less Christian. more …

Opinion: What kind of Christian?

While there are no hard statistics on how many Christians support a Biblical view of Israel, evangelical churches, while on the rise, only comprise 5% of the EU today.

Viktor Orbán is a reformed Calvinist, placing him in the Covenant camp: “The church is Israel.”

Religion in Hungary has been dominated by forms of Christianity for centuries. At the 2011 census, 38.9% of Hungarians were Catholics (both Greek and Roman), 13.8% were Protestants (11.6% were Calvinists, 2.2% were Lutherans), around 2% followed other religions, 16.7% were non-religious and 1.5% were atheists.

Europe is looking for a super-president to ride in on a white horse and solve its problems. According to Daniel 7:23-24 they are going to get one.

Our recent post ‘Ireland’s Anti-Israel Stance’ (here) only underlines how confusing Christianity has become. Hungary’s government is not anti-Semitic, but many Jews fear anti-Semitism, and get little reassurance from their leaders.

A review of three of the 7 Churches of Revelation may be helpful here:

Revelation 2:18-29: Thyatira, or continual sacrifice, keeps Christ on the cross; corresponding to the Catholic church. It is the first church whose members are divided into two categories: saved and the unsaved.

(Editor and I were raised Catholic and take comfort that there is a chance for salvation for so many friends and family)

Revelation 3:1-6: Sardis, means remnant, and corresponds to the Protestant church when Martin Luther led the church out of Catholicism which had distorted Scripture. Sardis also began Covenant Theology declaring that the church is Israel and Israel is the church.

(It is likely that some members of both Thyatira and Sardis will join in the Church of Philadelphia’s open door and fly at the sound of trumpet.)

Revelation 3:7-13: Philadelphia means brotherly love, and represents the Evangelical church of the 1800’s. Philadelphia led the church back to a literal interpretation of scripture, pre-tribulation rapture, 1000-year literal reign of Christ on earth, and Israel as separate and distinct from the church in God’s plan.

Philadelphia corresponds with Dispensational theology. It is the church that prepared the way and supported the rebirth of Israel and it is the only church that was shown an open door (rapture) to meet Christ in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18).

See our post “Rise of the Nons” (here) for more on the 7 Churches.