JPost: An IDF senior military official on Wednesday told Channel 2 that Hamas has fully replenished its military capability it had lost following 2014’s Operation Protective Edge.

During an interview with the Israeli broadcaster, the official said that the terror organization had used the proceeding years since the 2014 offensive to work on its tunnels and shore-up its missile programs. more …

Opinion: In a report yesterday to Jerusalem online, Hamas officials claimed that they won the war called protective edge in the summer of 2014. In a way they are correct.

Gaza took a pounding, its cities were in shambles and 2100 of its citizens were killed but as far as the world is concerned, the terror group won war of propaganda.

Hamas was/is catered to like they were a victim in a war of their own choosing.

The Obama State Department drew moral equivalence. The UN condemned Israeli aggression and John Kerry warned Israel that it was becoming an apartheid state.

According to the Gatestone Institute (here) over the past 20 years the US has provided $4.5 billion in aid to the Palestinian Authority since its founding in 1994 in a futile effort to promote democracy. Fox news reported (here) in 2014 how US aid to the PA winds up in Hamas hands.

Barack Obama’s attempt to funnel $222 million on his last day in office would most definitely have benefited Hamas.

Hamas also gets funding from Iran, Turkey and the UN, which more than supplies all the capital needed to rebuild its terror tunnels and replenish its missiles cache.

In the JPost interview Hamas officials claim they have no intention of a war with Israel any time soon meaning they are just not quite ready, yet.

A move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv would be just the excuse Hamas needs to launch another attack along with Iranian proxy Hezbollah that could ignite the Psalm 83 war.

For more on Psalm 83 see Bible Prophecy 101 chapter 6 here

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