In Davos, Globalists Hail Leadership of Communist Chinese Tyrant


The New American: “In a bizarre spectacle that took many low-level establishment-minded analysts by surprise, brutal Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping was crowned the king of globalism this week by embattled Western globalists at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. Blasting “excessive pursuit of profits,” Xi (shown) offered a “vigorous defense” of globalism and pseudo-“free trade” schemes in his keynote speech at the event.

Without a trace of irony, the brutal dictator claimed to be working for “the people” while promoting “liberalization” and “openness”.

Opinion: The revived final empire will not be run by Xi Jinping. Daniel 9:26 is clear that the final dictator will come from somewhere inside the  ancient Roman empire.

We stated numerous times during the presidential campaign that globalism was on the ballot. A win for Hillary Clinton was a vote for a hemispheric common market with open borders and free trade, while a vote for Donald Trump was a vote to make ‘America Great Again’ by putting America first.

The problem for globalists is that their heroes Barack Obama and Ban Ki Moon are yesterday’s news. Nationalism is sweeping the world and until a charismatic politician from somewhere in the vast boundaries of ancient Rome stands up (Daniel 7:20) new globalist leaders will have to carry the banner.