In late-night vote, Knesset passes law to hinder East Jerusalem withdrawal


The Times of Israel: Lawmakers approved a bill in the early hours Tuesday that requires a special two-thirds majority vote in the Knesset to relinquish any part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians under a future peace accord.

The bill passed its second and third readings by a majority of 64 in favor, 51 against, and one abstention.

The law, which was proposed by Jewish Home MK Shuli Moalem-Refaeli and had the coalition’s backing, is designed to make it much harder to divide the city, which Israel claims as its undivided capital. The Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as the capital of a future state. more …

Opinion: Despite President Trump’s bold stance declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the final status was left up to the parties, leaving the city open to be divided if the two parties agree.

“Today’s actions — recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and announcing the relocation of our embassy — do not reflect a departure from the strong commitment of the United States to facilitating a lasting peace agreement. The United States continues to take no position on any final status issues. The specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem are subject to final status negotiations between the parties. The United States is not taking a position on boundaries or border.”

Keep in mind that East Jerusalem is where the temple mount is located and the bill passed last week by the Knesset makes it very difficult to divide east from west Jerusalem.

Despite the Israeli victory in 1967 the international community (UN, EU etc.) view East Jerusalem as Palestinian territory under Israeli military occupation. The same international community, as well as most Christian denominations and charities clearly take the side of the Palestinians.

Israeli law identifies Jerusalem as Israel’s “complete and united” capital. Period.

It is interesting to note here that only one Christian denomination, the evangelical movement of 18-19th century, which corresponds with the time Jewish people began making their 1st aliyah, the restoration of Hebrew as a language, the Church at Philadelphia (Rev. 3:7-13) and the beginning of Dispensational Theology:

Philadelphia led the church back to a:

  • Literal interpretation of Scripture
  • Pre-tribulation rapture
  • 1000-year literal reign of Christ on earth

So what does Bible prophecy have to say on the division of Jerusalem:

“Behold, the day of the Lord is coming,
And your spoil will be divided in your midst.
For I will gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem;
The city shall be taken,
The houses rifled,
And the women ravished.
Half of the city shall go into captivity,
But the remnant of the people shall not be cut off from the city.” Zechariah 14:1-2

The scene is late in the tribulation just before the triumphant return of Jesus. Gentile armies will have a fleeting taste of victory in a brief conquest of the city:

Then the Lord will go forth
And fight against those nations,
As He fights in the day of battle.” Zechariah 14:3

The Lord will go forth indicates a military campaign as the Lord leads the battle as a warrior against the forces of Antichrist:

“And in that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives …” Zechariah 14:4

With the victory, the world will enter the time of 1000 years of peace Revelation 20:1-4.

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