In South Africa, Obama Outlines Globalist Agenda for Humanity


The New American: As South Africa descends deeper into the “Second Phase” of Communist Revolution, former U.S. President Barack Obama swooped in to fan the flames of hatred and envy and to argue that the world should follow South Africa into the abyss.

Paying homage to South African Communist Party bigwig Nelson Mandela on the 100th anniversary of his birth, Obama (shown) took swipes at President Donald Trump, his countrymen, free markets, the rich, and much more, pushing the globalist establishment’s vision for humanity.

Ironically, as the truth becomes more widely known, Obama’s own words will likely condemn him and his idol Mandela. And indeed, across America, Obama was ridiculed and criticized for his comments — hoisted by his own petard. more …

Opinion: Funny I took the chance in my first edition of “Antichrist” that Obama would head up the UN after his 2nd term in office. It would have been perfect timing: Ban Ki Moon’s term in office ended just 2 weeks before Obama’s.

Actually nothing has changed, Obama is still a perfect fit. Globalists all over the world would celebrate him like no other.

“the only way to effectively address problems like climate change or mass migration or pandemic disease will be to develop systems for more international cooperation” says Obama, without ever saying that nations like the US need to surrender to a global authority.

“We’re going to have to figure out how do we close this widening chasm of wealth and opportunity both within countries and between them?”, says Obama, who lives in an $8  million dollar mansion, without ever saying the words wealth redistribution.

“Those involved in fighting back against big government, globalism, and open borders were merely pawns being “cynically funded by right-wing billionaires intent on reducing government constraints on their business interests“, says Obama with a swipe at Donald Trump’s populist ‘America First’ platform that is making America great again.

Some day, maybe very soon, an up and coming globalist may use Obama’s talking points to a Biblically-starved world.

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  1. Agreed. Excellent post. So glad more people are finally starting to see this person(?) for who he really is.

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