International Outrage Grows Over Cecil


2AEB836100000578-3178135-image-a-2_1438143381314Daily Mail: ‘A coward and a killer’: Protesters target US dentist’s surgery after he admits paying $55,000 to kill Cecil – Africa’s most famous lion – as supermodels lead international outrage.”

Opinion: I am an animal lover. At one point in my life, we had 20, consisting of :

  • 1 Golden Retriever
  • 1 barn cat
  • 4 Tennessee Walking horse mares
  • 3 foals
  • 1 Black Baldy bull named Waylon
  • 5 Hereford/Black Baldy heifers and
  • 5 calfs

Today there is just Gracie (full registered name The Grace of God) our Havanese dog, and an indoor grey muted calico cat named Francie.

The story of the death of Cecil the lion is really sad to an animal lover like me. I cannot fathom why some people are hunters. I have a hard time killing poisonous snakes.

But the outrage/death threats over the killing of Cecil, while infant pre-born children are being decapitated and carefully carved up in the womb of their mother and their body parts sold, while the left is justifying it under the banner of science, is evil on the highest level.

What has become of us?


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