Iran Affiliated Hackers Leak Explicit Data of 290K Israeli Patients, 10K Credit Cards


Assessment: After the ultimatum had expired, the hackers offered those accounts for sale at ten thousand dollars per password …

Hackers from the Black Shadow group on Tuesday night leaked personal and sensitive medical information of 290,000 customers who used the internet access of the Mor Institute For Medical Data in Bnei Brak to contact specialists regarding medical issues. The hackers stole the contents of those medical inquiries and now leaked the detailed medical problems suffered by each user.

The Black Shadow hackers who say they identify with Iran broke into several Israeli sites last Saturday and shut them down. Apparently, they managed to invade the servers of the host company Cybersverse and hacked its client sites. Among those were the bus companies Kavim and Dan, the tourist site Pegasus, and the LGBTQ dating site Atraf.

On Wednesday morning, the hackers offered for sale thousands of credit cards of Israeli citizens they claim they collected from the hacked sites. According to Black Shadow, they are selling only two copies of the complete credit card data—10,000 cards altogether—at 10,000 NIS each ($3,200). They added to the offer the ID picture of Israeli citizens whose details were revealed (we removed the pictures).

The Atraf site was presented by the hackers with an ultimatum to pay up a million dollars in 48 hours or risk the exposure of all its customers. Read More @ Jewish Press HERE