Iran Deal Backers Embarrassed By Obama Admin’s Sanctions Blunder



The Washington Free Beacon: “A last minute delay last week in the implementation of new Iran sanctions has some prominent congressional backers of the nuclear deal accusing the Obama administration of capitulating to Iranian demands, according to sources both on and off Capitol Hill.

Senior Obama administration officials at the White House’s National Security Council told Congress Wednesday morning that new sanctions were coming as a result of Iran’s repeated ballistic missile tests, which violate current United Nations Security Council Resolutions prohibiting such activity.

However, the administration quietly walked back its announcement, telling lawmakers that the sanctions would be indefinitely delayed.”

Iran Test Fires Advanced Anti Ship Missile Near Straits of Hormuz

Opinion: Wait what? indefinitely delayed even after recent ballistic missile tests by Iran? and even after Iran fired rockets within 1,500 yards of US coalition ships? 

A recent statement by the Donald comes to mind “The Iran  deal is so bad it’s suspicious”


Source: Slider