Iran, Hezbollah Now in Syrian Golan


Debkafile: Surveillance spotters saw them moving around 2 km from the Golan border, the closest hostile Iranian and Hizballah troops have ever come to Israel’s border with Syria.

They were brought over from their base at Khan Arnaba, 6km east of the Golan.
Our sources report that the “administration center” is a military-civil body established by the Russians for managing the Quneitra de-escalation zone, one of four President Donald Trump and Putin agreed to establish in Syria …

Russian officers in civvies were seen driving Iranian and Hizballah officers, also in civilian garb, into the town of Quneitra and settling them in the building that houses the “administration center.”

To mask this incursion as a purely civil event, the Russians also brought the former Syrian governors of Quneitra and of the Jordanian border town of Daraa along for the ride. more

Opinion: Under the watchful eye of Vladimir Putin, Iran and its puppet Hezbollah, are 1.5 miles from Israel’s border in the Golan Heights.

That after PM Netanyahu just returned from his 4th trip to Moscow.

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It that were not dangerous enough, Hamas announced yesterday that it had increased its
military capabilities thanks to newly improved relations with Iran.

Yahya Sinwar (C), the new leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, arrives for the opening of a new mosque in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on February 24, 2017. (AFP/Said Khatib)

In a rare meeting with a small number of journalists, Yahya al-Sinwar said Iran was “the biggest supporter” of Hamas’s military wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades.

Al-Sinwar was quick to point out that Hamas is “developing our military strength in order to liberate Palestine,” Sinwar said, but he also stressed that it does not seek war for now “and takes every effort to avoid a war… At the same time we are not afraid of a war and are ready for it.”

A temple priest prophesied 3000 years ago that an alliance of nations surrounding Israel would launch an attack “so that the name of Israel is remembered no more” Psalm 83:4.

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While the map only shows 4 of the actual attackers, the red stars demonstrate the close proximity of the armies and the nation funding the operation, Iran.

Ancient names of the four in the map (Psalm 83:6-8):

  • Lebanon: Gebal (north) Inhabitants of Tyre (south – Hezbollah)
  • Gaza: Philistia  – Hamas
  • Sinai: Amalek
  • Syria/north Iraq: Assyria
  • West Bank: Tents of Edom

We know from the war of Gog and Magog that Israel not only survives, but is so victorious that the Jewish state will grow both in land mass and wealth, causing Russia and Iran to form a second second alliance to take Israel’s vast wealth, Ezekiel 38:13.

How fascinating to watch the nations line up precisely as prophesied.

(For more on Psalm 83 alliance and Gog and Magog see BP101 here)

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  1. Only a handful of believers in Christendom realize that this is happening before our very eyes! What an evangelistic tool this could be if the church wasn’t “sitting” on its thumb! This blog is one of the very few that recognize the truth.

    Thank you!!!

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