Iran Imagines There’s No Israel



Investors Op-Ed: “As Israel fears increased Iranian power in Syria, Iran contends that the Jewish state doesn’t really exist, and is therefore no threat. It’s the visualization of the wish that Israel would disappear.

The Jewish state, of course, with its powerful air force, can inflict massive damage on Iran’s nuclear facilities — although once Tehran spends a good chunk of the $150 billion in cash unfrozen by President Obama’s nuclear deal last year, things will be complicated; Iran is buying advanced fighters and antiaircraft rocketry from Russia that will challenge both Israeli and U.S. bombers and cruise missiles.

This is a high-ranking Iranian fantasizing that there is no Israel, just as Hitler and his henchmen fantasized of a reich — a world — with no Jews.”

Opinion: Someone in our prophecy study group last night asked if Satan knows what is in the Bible, how can he think he can win?

One member of the group, a pastor, offered an answer: Satan’s pride gives him the false sense that he can change the outcome. Satan worked overtime to get Christ crucified and at the cross he thought he had won. Three days later, when Christ rose from the dead,  Satan was defeated and has been ever since.

When a bully gets humiliated, he gets vicious.

Iran’s leaders have spewed venom against God’s covenant people since Israel’s rebirth on May 14, 1948. But with the passage of the P5+1 nuclear deal that unleashed $100 billion and opened the global oil market, Iran’s arrogance knows no bounds.

Iran considers the nuclear deal a major victory over weak western governments, and by extension Israel.

Who can forget how Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shocked the world in his 2005 “A World Without Zionism” speech when he said that “Israel must be wiped off the map”?

With $100 billion in Obamacash, Iran is ready to take its prophesied role in the wars of the last days.

When Edom begins his final rampage, he is destroyed Obadiah 1:18, Isaiah 63:1-3

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