Iran orders from China 150 J-10 fighter jets that incorporate Israeli technology



Debkafile: “Iran is about to purchase from China the Chengdu J-10 multirole jet fighter, known in the West as the Vigorous Dragon, according to an exclusive report from debkafile. Beijing has agreed to sell Tehran 150 of these sophisticated jets, which are comparable to the US F-16. From Moscow, Tehran has ordered 100 in-flight refueling planes.

The scale of Iran’s multibillion acquisitions from China and Russia – 550 warplanes so far – indicates that Tehran’s top spending priority for funds released by the lifting of sanctions is a spanking new air force.”

Opinion: According to the Iran nuclear deal signed June 14, “Restrictions on trade in conventional weapons will last another five years, and eight years in the case of ballistic missile technology.”

But I guess the Chinese fighter jets with Israeli technology (of all things) and in-flight refueling capability (which is necessary to strike Israel), along with the May 25 announcement that Russia confirmed its decision to deliver S-300 air defense missile systems to Iran just doesn’t count.

We can now trust the Iranians, we have John Kerry’s word on it.