Iran Sending Elite Fighters Into U.S., Europe



Washington Free Beacon: “The IRGC “will be in the U.S. and Europe very soon,” according to the Iranian military commander, who said that these forces would operate with the goal of bolstering Iran’s hardline regime and thwarting potential plots against the Islamic Republic.

The military leader’s comments come as Iran is spending great amounts of money to upgrade its military hardware and bolster its presence throughout the Middle East and beyond. Iran intends to spend billions to purchase U.S.-made planes that are likely to be converted for use in its air force.

Opinion: After being thanked by the Secretary of State for releasing US sailors held at gun point, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is ready for more provocative moves against the nation that made the worst deal in history.

But that’s not all: A source who advises congressional leaders on Iran sanctions issues told the Free Beacon that the Obama administration is blocking Congress from taking action to stop this type of infiltration by Iranian forces.

Flush with over $150 billion in Obamacash, the world’s most foremost sponsor of terror is sending a message to the next US President.


  1. I’m not sure about the $150 billion to Iran. I recently read Iran gave the money to the Russians and that is why Hillary and Obama are so dead set on creating another Cold War because they are very mad they were played. See tweets by @hectormorenco. Either way, neither is good.

  2. That is a great picture of what is going on. The stage is being set and the curtain is about to rise and the real action will begin. Thanks be to God that we will not be here for it! But, more practically, (and I guess I should have read the article) I am wondering if this elite force is coming in incognito, or are they going to work with our military like the Afghan military did (I am guessing the former, not the latter). But, yes, it is all very strange. BO and Valerie Jarrett are thicker than thieves and she’s Iranian born, so none of this should surprise me.

    You’ve passed on some good songs, VS. Here is one for you!!! We are going to see our King…we are going to see our God…

  3. What does this mean? Are these guys going to end up being our neighbors? Are they working with government forces here? Is this planet earth or did I get on the wrong bus somehow?

    • This is a question that’s been whirling around in my head for a while. What does this mean?

      Have you even been to a big theatrical production involving many actors and noticed them taking their marks? Typically the lights are very dim, the only sounds you will hear are the actors scurrying about and props wheeled in, and the occasional cough from the crowd will bark out.

      It’s starting to feel like that for me. We’re watching a giant wave of islamic immigrants suddenly flood into western societies. For what purpose? Why now?

      Are we watching them take their marks before the curtain raises? Thankfully, we’ll be long gone by the time the show starts.

      1 Thessalonians 4:15-17

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