Iran to Russia: Here’s $14 Billion, Build Us A Military



Debkafile: “Iran’s Defense Minister Gen. Hossein Dehghan arrived in Moscow this week at the head of a large military delegation and laid before President Vladimir Putin and his Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu a $14 billion check. Now, make our Revolutionary Guards Corps and regular forces into an up-to-the-minute war machine, he said.

The plan to make over and upgrade Iran’s military was first approved by Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. It is to be paid for with funds released by newly lifted sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

The ayatollah aspires to rebuild the two branches – the IRGC with 150,000 troops and the regular army of 420,000 – as the most powerful armed force in the Middle East.”

ishakeOpinion: Iran is on a shopping spree, courtesy of the United States president. After all, arming the deadly enemies of Israel requires precision rockets and weapons, only the best will do.

And isn’t it nice that they choose Russia to receive the $14 billion?

Then there is that costly tunnel construction that has to be paid for so that Hamas terrorists can pop-up in civilian neighborhoods and kill and maim as many innocent Israeli citizens as possible.

And don’t forget that those tunnels under Israel cost a pretty penny, not to mention the number of groups that have to be bribed, to sneak the materials past those pesky blockades and inspections.

The finale is that future war (Ezekiel 38:1-6) of which Iran will be a part. After all, they wouldn’t want to be embarrassed joining in with Russia, Turkey, Libya, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan with outdated weapons to take care of that cancerous tumor they hate so much.

It just wouldn’t look right.

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