Iran uses Syrian truce to deploy hundreds of Palestinian terrorists on Golan border



Debkafile: “Under cover of the Syrian ceasefire that went into effect Saturday, Feb. 27, and the Russian air umbrella, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps finally managed to secretly install hundreds of armed Palestinian terrorists on the Syrian-Israeli border face-to-face with the IDF’s Golan positions.

These Palestinians belong to Al-Sabirin, a new terrorist organization the Iranian Guards and Hizballah are building in the refugee camps of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. Their agents clandestinely recruited the new terrorists from among young Palestinians who fled the Yarmouk refugee camp outside Damascus and sought refuge in Lebanon.

Hizballah organized their return to Syria through south Lebanon – but not before training and arming them for penetration deep inside Israel to carry out mass-casualty assaults on IDF positions, highways and civilians.

Opinion: Oh goodie, just what the world needs, a new terror group deep inside Israel tied to Iran. All that fresh Obamcash must be burning a hole in the Mullah’s pocket, so a new band of Amalekites (Exodus 17:16) is born.

And they will be destroyed in the same way as their predecessor Esau (Obadiah 1:18).

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