Is Hebrew the world’s first alphabet?



Daily Mail: Israelites in Egypt may have turned hieroglyphs into letters 3,800 years ago

  • Dr Douglas Petrovich looked at 16 Hebrew letters from Egyptian tablets
  • He combined earlier identifications of some letters in the ancient alphabet with his own interpretation of disputed letters to create the ‘Hebrew 1.0’ script
  • He found names of three biblical figures – Asenath, Ahisamach and Moses
  • But the theory is controversial as some historians dispute the Israelites’ presence in Egypt, and others suggest the biblical dates used are unreliable

Opinion: Did you catch that? Some historians dispute the Israelites’ presence in Egypt, and others suggest the biblical dates used are unreliable. If the Israelites were not in Egypt, who cares if the dates are unreliable?

For students of the Bible, the Exodus is one of the most fascinating studies. Editor and I had a chance to study the books of Moses in detail two years ago and I often remarked that if the book was made up, it would have been more logical to have Moses complete the journey and triumphantly lead his people into the land with shofars blaring and the people filled with gratitude.

Of course, that’s not what happened. Moses disobeyed God that one time and was denied the honor. You can read a brief commentary here.

Hebrew as a language began to die out after the destruction of the 2nd temple, but was revived in the early 1880s when Eliezer Ben-Yehuda made it his personal mission to revive Hebrew as a spoken language.

Ben Yehuda believed it was important for the Jewish people to have their own language if they were to have their own land. In 1881, he said: “In order to have our own land and political life… we must have a Hebrew language in which we can conduct the business of life.”

The first Aliyah of Jews back to the land was in 1882 when Hebrew was once again spoken in preparation for Israel’s prophesied rebirth on May 14, 1948. The Hebrew language will be necessary for the high priest when the third temple is built.

I have no doubt that Dr. Douglas Petrovich is correct.


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