Is Iran preparing a new series of attacks on US, Israel with proxies?


JPost: Iran’s media gave major headlines to claims of attacks on US forces in Syria on July 4. The date was symbolic. It was Independence Day in the US. What better day for Iran to claim it had struck at a US base in Syria. However, it turns out the rumors of the rocket attacks were likely false, and the US-led Coalition denied any incident happened in Syria.

That doesn’t matter for Iran’s media, and the media stations that have links to Iran’s IRGC. The reports claimed there were attacks and “explosions” at a US base. However sources there denied the reports. What Iran may be messaging on this issue is more complex than just rumored attacks. Iran may be pinpointing where the next front will begin in its conflict with the US.

They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation,
That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.” Psalm 83:4

Since 2019 Iran has upped attacks on the US in Iraq. It has used militias such as Kataib Hezbollah to carry out numerous attacks. It also downed a US drone in June 2019 and mined ships in the Gulf of Oman in May and June. At the time US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned about the Iranian threats. The threats increased rapidly through the fall of 2019.

At the same time in 2019 there were concerns expressed by US officials in the fall of 2019 that Israeli-Iran tensions could affect the US. Read More