Is Jay Powell “The Yield Shield”?


Zero Hedge: Is there no limit to monetary interventions? Are they forever consequence free? Can every economic and market problem be solved by ever more intervention?

Anyone like myself that has questioned the efficacy of the ever more aggressive interventions we see from crisis to crisis has found these questions to be moot as time and time again central banks have shown to successfully not only erase any corrective activity in markets but also propel markets to ever new highs irrespective of any earnings growth issues, valuations or fundamentals.

Indeed central banks will likely see themselves validated as the expected growth picture that is emerging looks to be the most positive in 55 years:

Very possible we’re looking at a 2-year real GDP stretch with *average* annual growth of 6-7%+. Hasn’t happened in 55 years.
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Carl Quintanilla
Q1 GDP estimates: * Atlanta Fed: 9.5% * Goldman: 6% * Morgan Stanley: 7.5% * JPMorgan: 5%…

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