Is President el-Sisi about to broker major breakthrough in the Arab-Israeli peace process?


Joel Rosenberg: Four decades after the historic Camp David Accords, is Egyptian President el-Sisi signaling he is about to take the lead in helping broker dramatic peace agreements not just between Israelis and Palestinians but perhaps between Israel and the rest of the Arab world, including the Saudis and Gulf States?

Given his warm, even effusive, public meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, there are surprising and growing reasons for optimism, as I discuss in my new op-ed in The Jerusalem Post“Behind The Smiles: Why Did Sisi Go Public With His Close Relationship With Netanyahu?”.

What’s more, I strongly encourage you to watch or read the full text of President el-Sisi’s courageous address to the U.N. General Assembly, especially went he went off script to speak of Egypt’s “wonderful and excellent experiment in peace” with Israel and to urge both sides not to miss a “rare” opportunity to make peace that “may not be repeated.” more …

Opinion: I am a big fan of Rosenberg and had the pleasure to meet him and get my copy of ‘Epicenter’ signed a few years ago.

I am somewhat baffled, however, that he is excited for the prospect of a ME peace deal and at the same time not alarmed by the prospect of fulfillment of Daniel 9:27, which calls for a 7 year peace to be enforced by a global leader that begins the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7)

That said, I also find el-Sisi’s overture toward peace with Israel fascinating, since the last Egyptian leader, Anwar Sadat, that did so was assassinated in 1981.

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Nowhere in all this optimism is there a word about:

  • The 1967 borders
  • Palestinian self rule
  • The division of Jerusalem
  • Jew free zones and corridors connecting Gaza and West Bank
  • Right of return of 5-13 million Arab refugees

Just to name a few …


  1. There are scriptures that do warn Israel not to trust Egypt and not to get too close. For that reason, Netanyahu would be wise to sleep with one eye open, so to speak.

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