JPost: Facebook stymied even the “Mossad.” As soon as (what appeared to be) Israel’s intelligence agency started a Facebook page and quickly garnered 3,000 likes, Facebook took it down.

“I got the email and the first sentence is basically: Pages are for business and promotion, and we also remove things that are hateful,” said Shawn Eni, the founder of the page.

Of course, Facebook is not the only alleged “silencer.”

YouTube, Google and Twitter have been engaged in an increasingly public spat with the conservative community, which includes stridently pro-Israel, pro-Trump and anti-jihad entities. Not a week goes by where, at least in my Facebook feed, I don’t hear of another friend, colleague or organization involved in some type of pro-Israel advocacy heavily critical of the Palestinian camp that is suddenly sanctioned by social media.  more …

Opinion: We stopped our blog posts on Facebook a long time ago.

One of our readers asked us to put them back, but we but decided to pass after seeing a lot of misinterpretations of Scripture receiving thumbs up reviews.

The purpose of BPT news is to support Israel and the church of Jesus Christ by sharing a literal premillennial, pretribulational view of Scripture for as long as we can, and by any means possible and that is taking up all the time we have.

We do not rely on advertising or donations as God has blessed us with resources to keep going until we get silenced, die, or fly (1 thess. 4:16-18).

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  1. Thanks for the tune, Vason! Made my morning. I think I like it better than the Gillian Welch version. Blessings!

  2. I could not agree more. Facebook is completely evil. Zuckerberg and Co. have proven that the site is nothing more than a tool of the enemy. I have heard many Christians claim it is alright as long as you just stick with Christian stuff on Facebook. If any Christian truly believes thhat Facebook is for them then they need to give their heads a shake. God gave us writing and material. He told us that the BIBLE is for us. Not some corrupt website run by on of the world’s most corrupt type of people. For the most part, the people that use Facebook are people who LIVE on Facebook. God’s word tells us that we cannot serve two masters. Christians need to pick a side.

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