Is Trump preparing an ambush?


 JPost: A Knesset bill imposing Israeli law on West Bank outposts sparked outrage worldwide this week, but drew virtual silence from the White House, where the president’s team is preparing for a critical visit from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday.

The Trump administration had two convenient excuses to defer comment: The prime minister’s upcoming visit and the likelihood that the bill will die on arrival at Israel’s High Court, which has ruled repeatedly against Knesset jurisdiction in the Palestinian territories. 

Opinion: The question of an ambush arises from a White House statement last week:New Israeli Settlements May Not Help Achieve Peace”

The Regulation Bill will likely die in Israel’s Supreme Court. The ruckus over the bill has been both predictable and somewhat new.

We find nothing new in the sons of Edom becoming angry and threatening war over Israeli settlements. We didn’t find it unusual that France’s President Hollande would rush to Mahmoud Abbas’ side, or that the United Nations would issue warnings to Israel.

But we do find the White House silence curious in light of news that broke last night that David Freidman, the president’s pick for US Ambassador to Israel, heads an organization that raised millions of shekels for construction in a West Bank settlement (here).

Donald Trump has described himself as “Presbyterian and Protestant,” a “Sunday church person” and a collector of Bibles (here).

Now the presidential reportedly can add “born-again Christian” to that list, too, according to one of the members of Trump’s new evangelical advisory board.

The meeting between the president and Israel’s prime minister is next Wednesday.

How interesting that meeting will be.

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