Islamic State claims responsibility for Sri Lanka terror attack


Times of Israel: COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — The Islamic State group on Tuesday claimed responsibility for the devastating string of suicide attacks against churches and hotels in Sri Lanka that killed at least 321 people on Easter Sunday.

The jihadist group identified the seven attackers more than 48 hours after the near-simultaneous blasts tore through three high-end hotels popular with foreigners and three churches packed with Christians marking Easter.

It came after Sri Lanka’s government said initial investigations suggested the attack had been carried out as “retaliation” for shootings at two mosques in New Zealand last month that killed 50 people.  more …

Opinion: Two headlines:

July 19, 2018:


December 19, 2018:

“In Drastic Reversal, US Set For “Full Withdrawal” From Syria As Trump Claims Victory Over ISIS”

I don’t mean this to mock anyone, but in my July 2018 opinion to the first headline (here) I said this:

“It’s not about ISIS or al Qaeda, or Hamas or Hezbollah or Boko Haram or any of the thousands of splinter groups springing up daily. And it’s not never ending. It’s about a hatred that sprang from a family feud that began so long ago that few care to connect the dots.”

Bible prophecy gives us two clues that the descendants of Esau (Edom) and his grandson Amalek will:

  • be present in every generation, Exodus 17:16
  • be defeated only at the second coming of Jesus Christ, Isaiah 63:1-3

Sounds so simple but after thousands of posts, two books, and countless hours of research our small platform has still barely convinced anyone that it doesn’t make a hill of beans of difference if any terror group is defeated.

It’s a 3500 year old hatred between twins that became two people groups (Genesis 24:23) from the promised son Isaac and his wife Rebekah. A birthright, or title deed, to the most important real estate in the world was squandered (Genesis 25:29-34) by the older twin and his descendants STILL want it back.

It reminds me of the free gift (Ephesians 2:8-9) of the Gospel. It is so simple that men trip over it.

Follow the movement of Esau’s blood line on our interactive map by hovering your cursor and clicking on the nations.


  1. Only one way to solve that problem. Many leaders throughout the centuries have attempted it with whatever group that stands in their way.
    When Jesus comes from Edom with a blood stained robe, he will have accomplished it. Total and complete destruction of that blood line.

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