Israel destroyed hundreds of Iranian drones in massive attack


Assessment: Israel reportedly attacked airbase in western Iran, wiping out hundreds of Iranian drone aircraft …

Israeli forces devastated an Iranian airbase recently, destroying hundreds of drone aircraft in a massive airstrike, Ha’aretz reported Tuesday morning.

According to the report, six Israeli drone aircraft carried out an attack on an airbase in western Iran near Kermanshah in mid-February, destroying hundreds of drones.

The incident went unreported until this week, and was first disclosed by Al Mayadeen, a Beirut-based media outlet aligned with the Hezbollah terrorist group and the Iranian government.

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Iran, an Al Mayadeen report Sunday said, has blamed Israel, though the Jewish state has neither confirmed nor denied the claim.

Al Mayadeen linked the attack on the drone base to Saturday’s missile attack by Iran on a base in Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, claiming the Erbil strike was a retaliation for Israel’s drone attack last month.

The New York Times cited a senior US official who said that the building hit in the Erbil attack also served as an Israeli training facility.