Israel to oppose US consulate for PA in Jerusalem?


Arutz Sheva: One of the known points of contention between Israel and the United States is around the establishment of an American consulate for the Palestinian Arabs to be located in Jerusalem, a problematic step for Israel, which sees this as an expression of readiness for a future division of Jerusalem.

“Remember what Amalek did to you on the way when you came out of Egypt” Deut. 25:17 

Currently, the plan is to build the consulate on Agron Street where the American consulate stood until the establishment of the embassy in Jerusalem by the Trump Administration.

Then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced in 2018 that contact with the Palestinian Authority population would take place through the “Palestinian Affairs” section of the United States Embassy in Israel and not as a separate diplomatic mission.

The Biden Administration has expressed its desire to establish a separate consulate in Jerusalem for the PA since taking office in January. Arutz Sheva asked a political source in Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s entourage whether the issue of the consulate came up in talks with representatives of the Biden Administration and the president himself during his visit to the United States.

The source clarified to us that the issue did come up, but stressed that this is an issue on which both parties disagree. “This is an open issue,” Read More