Israel Wants US to Shut Palestinians’ DC office



(Husam Zomlot, the PLO envoy to Washington, speaks to reporters in Washington, DC, Aug. 17, 2017)

The Times of Israel: Israel is working on a plan to get the American administration to shut the Palestinians’ diplomatic offices in the US, according to a Hebrew media report.

The plan was hatched together with US lawmakers, Israel’s Kan state TV reported Thursday, and is meant to punish the Palestinians for their recent diplomatic advances, including their successful bid to join Interpol, the world’s largest police organization, and their ongoing efforts to have Israeli leaders tried at the International Criminal Court. more …

Opinion: Travel back to what seems like a long time ago, February 24, 2016 our post:

Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda

“JPost speaks to ICC Prosecutor Bensouda about Israel’s fate on war crimes”

The Jerusalem Post became the first Israeli outlet to sit down for an in-person exclusive interview with International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda in her office on the court’s premises in The Hague in the Netherlands.

Since she controls Israel’s fate about whether the IDF’s conduct during the 2014 Gaza War and the settlement enterprise are investigated as war crimes or not, Ms. Bensouda may be the most important global figure in Israel’s future, having an even greater concrete impact than UN Secretary-General”.

There you go. It didn’t occur to me in yesterday’s post that the Palestinian push to be accepted into Interpol had another deadly motive. It didn’t occur to me that Interpol could be a first step to charging Israel leaders for war crimes for defensive actions taken in the numerous wars started by Hamas and Hezbollah.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague was founded in 2002 and counts 123 member states. Israel and the US are not among them. The court’s annual funding, as noted, is largely covered by its European members, nations that are largely critical of Israel.

International institutions are never on the side of Israel.

The ICC upgraded the PA’s status within the UN in 2012 as “a non-member observer State”. If the ICC were to charge the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) with war crimes it would further denigrate Israel in the international arena.

When asked if the court had made a decision to charge the IDF with war crimes anytime soon, her response was this:

“I cannot sit here and say that it will take seven years, or it will take ten years or it will take any number of years…all of this depends on the facts and the circumstances. The preliminary examination cannot be given a timeline”.

 The ICC has virtually ignored:
  • The 2010 Turkish Mavi Marmara flotilla illegal incursion to Gaza
  • The civilian deaths from chemical weapons attacks in Syria
  • Russia’s illegal occupation of Crimea and thousands dead in Ukraine
  • The thousands of Yazidi Christians slaughtered at the hands of ISIS