Italian City to Initiate “Pilot” Social Credit System for “Virtuous” Environmental Behavior


The city of Bologna, Italy, is set to offer a new system that has been likened to Communist China’s social credit system. Starting in September, the citizens of Bologna will be allowed to participate in what the city refers to as a “Smart Citizen Wallet,” which will reward people with “digital points” for engaging in behavior such as recycling, using public transportation, and actively trying to use less energy in their daily lives.

The digital points can be redeemed to make purchases or receive discounts on cultural experiences.

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“In September, we will start with a pilot project for the city: at the center is the virtuous citizen, the one who, for example, separates waste well or does not waste energy, or uses public transport and does not receive fines, or actively uses the Bologna Welcome Card,” said Bologna councilor Massimo Bugani.

A citizen’s carbon footprint (or lack thereof) will be central to earning those digital points. The city’s focus in creating the system is to promote “climate-friendly behavior.”

“The citizen will [receive benefits] if he recycles; if he uses public transport; if he manages [his energy consumption] well; if he does not receive sanctions from the municipal authority; if he actively uses the Culture Card,” Bugani said.

According to Bugani, the new system will be voluntary, although he hopes that many will be tempted to sign on to participate in the prizes available.

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