Ivanka says Trump would ‘100%’ move US embassy to Jerusalem



The Times of Israel: Ivanka Trump on Thursday assured Jewish voters in Florida that Donald Trump would “100 percent” move the US embassy to Jerusalem if he is elected president.

The GOP nominee’s daughter, who converted to Judaism in 2010 and is married to a Jewish man, called her father an “unbelievable champion” for the State of Israel and for the Jewish people, during a talk at The Shul of Bal Harbour in Surfside, the Jewish Insider reported. “You won’t be disappointed,” she told the audience during the talk, which was filmed in part.

Opinion: This time I believe it. Many presidents have said it, maybe one or two meant it, but I believe Donald Trump will do it. Move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem – shake up the world.

Most of the countries with consulates-general in Jerusalem have separate embassies in Tel Aviv.

  •  Belgium
  •  France
  •  Greece
  •  Holy See (Apostolic Delegation to Jerusalem and Palestine)
  •  Italy
  •  Spain
  •  Sweden
  •  Turkey
  •  United Kingdom
  •  United States

Know why? Because the Arab world will become apoplectic. Because if they don’t get their way, Abbas and his thugs will launch deadly attacks, like last summer’s stabbing intifada, that mimicked Esau’s illegitimate grandson Amalek, 3500 years ago.

That is why God swore to have war with him in ‘generation after generation’ (Exodus 17:16).

Think about that for a minute.

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