Jesuit University Moves to Fire Conservative Professor Over Traditional Marriage Views



Breitbart: “Marquette University has moved to suspend and then fire Professor John McAdams for backing a student who tried to defend man-woman marriage when a leftist teaching assistant shut the student down.

In the fall of 2014, junior faculty member Cheryl Abbate told a student, who secretly recorded the exchange, that his defense of man-woman marriage was an unacceptable topic in her ethics class and compared his views to racism.

She said, “You can have whatever opinions you want but I can tell you right now, in this class homophobic comments, racist comments, and sexist comments will not be tolerated.” And then she told the student he should drop the class.”

Opinion: The Pope of the Catholic Church has turned the once conservative denomination on its head. From asking “who am I to judge?” on homosexuality, to saying even atheists will be saved for following their conscience, to holding a Mass on the Mexican border encouraging illegal immigration the church is indeed embracing the new secular global order.

The Pope is a Jesuit and Marquette University is a Jesuit-run school. Jesuits are the liberal and supposed intellectual wing of the church. The purpose of the Jesuit is to bring all denominations under the authority of the Pope.


On May 19, 2015, Francis welcomed one of the most heinous blood-thirsty terrorists of the 20th-21st centuries to the Vatican, Mahmoud Abbas.

The pontiff signed a treaty recognizing Palestinian statehood with the illegitimate president of the Palestinian Authority in direst violation of the Abrahamic Covenant, Genesis 12:3; 17:7-8; Joel 3:1-2.

This is only the beginning.



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