Yom Kippur: Jews Ascend Temple Mount in Record Numbers – Calls For Third Temple


BIN: As the new year begins, a look back shows that the multi-year trend of Jews ascending to the site of the Jewish Temples is growing even stronger. Perhaps more significantly, many respected rabbis and leaders are joining the grass roots return to the Temple Mount.

Yer’aeh, an organization that tracks Jews ascending to the Temple Mount, announced this week that 28,800 Jews ascended in the Hebrew calendar year, 5778. This compares to 22,552 the previous year. This year’s record more than doubles the 14,094 Jews who ascended two years ago. In 2014, fewer than 10,000 Jews ascended the Temple Mount throughout the entire year.

No less impressive is the growing number of influential rabbis who ascended, setting an example for their disciples. More than 100 rabbinic leaders ascended to the Temple Mount for the first time this year, signifying a change in their policy concerning the holy site. more …

Opinion: The third temple has been imprinted on the hearts of Jews since the destruction of the second temple in 70 AD. That the sense of excitement over the third temple is growing and all preparations are near completion as are clues that the time of Messiah is at hand.

Preparations for the 3rd temple began in 1987 with the founding of the Temple Mount Institute (here), and are in full swing:

  • A training center to prepare Jewish priests has been established here
  • A high Priest from the line of Aaron has been chosen here
  • The High Priest Vestments have been made here
  • The Table of Show Breads has been prepared here
  • The harps and instruments have been built here
  • A Red heifer was born September 4, 2018 here
  • Money has been raised for architectural plans here

Prophecies of a third temple:

  1. Ezekiel 37:26-28
  2. Daniel 9:27
  3. Micah 4:1-5
  4. Zechariah 6:12
  5. Matthew 24:15
  6. 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4
  7. Revelation 11:1-2

Want to know what it will look like? Ezekiel 40-46


  1. Orthodox Jews practice kaparot thinking it is atoning for sins.
    Some messianic Jews get trapped in to what they think is a cool tradition and are inadvertently fooling themselves and winning against the messiah.
    Unbelievable that this is what the Jewish people have come to.

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