Jews blamed for Holocaust in UK event



JPost: “The gathering at the British Parliament’s House of Lords marked the launch of a campaign for the UK to apologize over the 1917 Balfour Declaration.

In a video posted to Twitter by Spokesperson of the Israeli Embassy in London Yiftach Curiel, an unnamed speaker at at the event can be heard suggesting that an anti-German protest by a US rabbi had provoked Hitler’s decision to carry out the genocide of the Jews.

“Hard to believe but this happened this week at the House of Lords,” Curiel tweeted.

Opinion: Actually it’s not hard to believe at all. With the US president’s actions of the past month slamming Israeli housing on their own land and detaching Jerusalem from Israel, the anti-Semitic left is celebrating.

Everyone concerned will feel God’s judgment even if they don’t know how or why it is happening. The UK is supposed to exit the EU in March, and the US election on deck.

We have a number of people from the UK that visit our website every day. We can only pray that God has not given up on our nations in accordance with Genesis 12:3.