Jimmy DeYoung and Don DeYoung: Historic Helicopter Flight Over Mars in Search of Life


NASA has announced they have made an historic flight over Mars with their helicopter as they are looking for signs of life on Mars

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JD: The flight of the drone on the planet Mars – they did that by remote control. Boy that was a very efficient scientific activity, was it not?

DD: Well, that is interesting, Jimmy, that they could pull that off on a far away planet. It’s the first time they’ve been able to get in the air on another planet with this drone or helicopter to look around a little bit.

JD: I understand that what they are looking for is some sign of life, that they may be able to prove there was life many millions of years ago there on Mars. Now, of course, you and I would not agree with that number: many million of years ago. But let me ask you, as a scientist and as an astronomer, do you believe they’re going to be able to find any sign of life on Mars?

DD: Well you know Jimmy during this entire space age there’s been a lot of looking around and a lot of probes. There’s no evidence of life anywhere else other than the Earth, where of course, we have abundant life. So it becomes more and more clear that God has especially prepared this Earth and filled it with all kinds of creatures, including people as well. You know, He has His own purposes for space, but certainly no aliens and no evolved life out there.

JD: Don, why are the scientists endeavoring spending billions of dollars to try to find some sign of life out there on those planets? What’s driving these people?

DD: Well, that certainly does go on and on. I was counting them up, Jimmy , there’s been 49 probes to Mars looking at lots of other details, but always with that idea of finding martians, finding life. Of course, missing the big picture of the Creator who is all around us. So I think that’s kind of the idea, to search for some kind of comradeship out there and also to look for evidence for evolution. After all, if it did happen spontaneously on Earth, then it should have happened many other places and of course that’s what we do not find.

JD: Dr. Don DeYoung, an astronomer, explaining why NASA will not be able to find any sign of life on Mars.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dr. DeYoung, a scientist, an astronomer, as I have already said is at the same time a Bible believing born-again Christian as well. It’s on the authority of God’s word that Dr. DeYoung says Earth is the planet which God the Father sent His son Jesus Christ to deliver salvation, that’s Isaiah 45:18.