Jimmy DeYoung and Winkie Medad: Saudi Arabia Rejects Claims to the Temple Mount


LEAD STORY The Saudi Arabians reject any Islamic claim to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem Read Jimmy’s report on today’s top story, and how this event relates to Bible prophecy.

Winkie Medad has an amazing report for Jimmy DeYoung today on PTIB. Jimmy will bring Winkie to his Broadcast Table to explain why Saudi Arabia rejects any claim to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, for the Islamic world. Winkie will tell us of how the Jordanian Crown Prince was not allowed to visit the Temple Mount recently, and how this is good news for the Jews who want to re-build a Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Jews can now move forward on this project , as the Prophetic Scenario in God’s Word calls for, to happen very soon.


JD: Saudi Arabia is saying that they are actually rejecting the claim to the Temple Mount. Can you give us more detail about this story?

WM: Up until 1924 they were the ruling family in what we now known as Saudi Arabia and were the custodians of Mecca and Madina the first two holy sites for the Islamic religion. Israel signed the Peace Treaty in 1994 granted special relationship to the Temple Mount without really defining it, the religious Islamic trust on the Temple Mount which is known as the Waqf.

JD: The argument is all about the Saudi’s wanting to make certain the Islamic world in their daily prayers focus on Mecca. Is that pretty much on target?

WM: Very much so Jimmy. In addition there has always been a centuries old argument about where that furthest mosque in the Quran happens to be. Where the Muhammad went to it doesn’t say. So there are many Islamic scholars who claim that its not in Jerusalem at all.

JD: As I hear you telling us what is going on I think that its very interesting that the Saudi’s reject any Islamic claim to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and I think I read something that said they were encouraging the Jews to go ahead and build a Temple up there.

WM: Well I’m not quite sure Jimmy whether that is an official Saudi Arabian policy or it maybe some individuals are trying to move that in what we call social media platforming. Or maybe Saudi’s are sending them out as a chess to try the water and see what’s going on. It’s a very interesting development on the Temple Mount.

JD: Winkie Medad explaining that Saudi Arabia rejects any Islamic connection to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The fact that Saudi Arabia rejects any Islamic connection to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem opens the way for the Jews to move forward in building their Temple on the Temple Mount. That is exactly what the ancient Jewish prophets reveal. Zechariah 6:12, Ezekiel 40-46, and II Samuel 7:10-18. With all preparations in place the Jews could start construction of their next Temple in the next few days.

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