Jimmy DeYoung, David Dolan: The Palestinians and the Jordanians are fighting God for control of the Jewish State


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JD: Israeli President Rivlin had a meeting with Mahmoud Abbas the President of the Palestinian Authority. He made a very interesting statement, Rivlin saying to Abbas Israel will exist forever.

DD: It’s something that pretty much again all Israeli leaders have said. One of the oldest nations on earth after all. We’re not talking about something that was just created out of thin air in 1948. It was the Jewish people scattered from their ancient homeland going back to that homeland and re-establishing a state. Abbas and the others that are fighting against that are in essence fighting against God ultimately because of course the Bible says that this would predict it foretold that the Jews would return and rebuild their cities including in Judea and Samaria by the way, that’s in Ezekiel 36. So whether the Palestinians can accept that or not its happened and it will continue to happen. And by the way Jimmy Abbas flew to Jordan this week also to meet in an unannounced meeting with King Abdullah to discuss the peace process.

JD: And that was a key conversation between those two was it not? Jordan’s King Abdullah very much concerned with what happens with the Palestinians there in Israel isn’t he?

DD: Well and Jimmy the Jordanians have always, the Hashemite government, King Hussein the late father of King Abdullah have always been moderating forces on the Palestinians and on other Arabs in the region. They’ve always had a pro-West view. The Israeli’s are glad Jordan is there. In fact Naftali Bennett the Prime Minister has just announced that Israel will be selling Jordan 50 million cubic meters of water over the next year and they desperately need water. It’s such a dry situation so that will help to strengthen ties between Jordan and Israel which as we talked about over the past few months have been strained at times.

JD: David Dolan reporting that the Palestinians and the Jordanians are fighting a battle with God for the Jewish state of Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God’s words says that the Jewish state of Israel is an eternal state, that’s Jeremiah 31. In fact that promise of an eternal nation of Israel will not cease unless the sun, the moon, and the stars can depart from the heavenlies, that’s Jeremiah chapters 31:35-36. Add to Jeremiah’s promise the Davidic Covenant, II Samuel 7:23-24 and God’s promise of a nation of Jewish people forever is an absolute.


  1. Let’s rephrase that slightly. The Dark Lord, Satan, through his human mercenaries – the Palestinians and the Jordanians – are fighting God for control of the Jewish state. Since Satan and his minions are having a tough time destroying Israel (Psalm 83), subversion is another attempt to keep Israel off balance and have her compromise about Jerusalem has Israel’s capitol. Satan needs at least E. Jerusalem to satisfy his ambition to rule in place of the Messiah (Isaiah 14:13) when all the dust settles. This strategy is not unlike the that of the 5th century patristic church which replaced the Jews with the church and claimed that the anticipated kingdom promised to the Jews is now the kingdom of the church. This similar strategy may be emerging, with the presence of Muslims serving in the Knesset and the “peaceful” interplay between Arab countries, as an attempt to compromise Israel’s prophetic destiny. If Satan can’t win with force and destruction, he always resorts to deceit, propaganda, and compromise.

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