Memorial for Jimmy DeYoung


To our readers,

I am not quite sure how long I have listened to Jimmy DeYoung’s Saturday Radio Broadcast, but I do remember the first time I met him in 2011 at the Pre-Trib Prophecy Conference in Dallas, Texas. Jimmy had an impressive presence and powerful voice, and I did not miss many shows after that.

As a student of Bible prophecy, that conference had a major impact on me personally. It was the first time my wife and I met several well-known and respected prophecy teachers: Jimmy and his wife Judy (; Jack Kinsella, a friend and mentor (; Daymond Duck ( who graciously gave me two books he had written on Daniel and Revelation. We got a glimpse of Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Thomas Ice and two days of lectures by some of the biggest names in Bible prophecy.

After that meeting, I never missed one of Jimmy’s church conferences when he came to our city, which was at least once a year. You see, Jimmy was the only prophecy teacher who traveled the country visiting churches on a weekly basis, and then he brought prophecy to life every Saturday on his radio broadcast along with his incredible prophecy partners, bringing a message of hope to Christians all over the world.

In the past two years, I came to know Jimmy personally and was honored to become an occasional guest when the topic called for money as it relates to Bible prophecy. From that time on, I could feel his eyes on every word I wrote in my blog and I have to admit, it made me more than a little nervous. Jimmy’s knowledge of “The Book” as he often called it, was overwhelming.

I strongly recommend to our readers to purchase Jimmy’s books and videos especially on  Ezekiel: “The man and the Message”, Daniel “Prophet to the Gentiles”, and Revelation: “A Chronology”. I use these as a reference almost daily, and I am delighted to learn that Jimmy DeYoung Jr. will keep the Saturday broadcast going.

Listen to Jim Jr.’s message about his dad here.