Joe McCarthy – The Ultimate Insult

The Omega Letter Intelligence Digest
Vol: 131 Issue: 9 – Thursday, August 09, 2012
Joe McCarthy – The Ultimate Insult

Of all the American politicians that have lived and died over the past fifty years, the one whose name appears most often as part of a headline is the late Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy.  Joe McCarthy died in 1957, but he lives on as a sort of boogey-man liberals use to scare their kids (and fool their constituencies).

Here are a few examples from today’s crop of headlines: The National Right To Life News carried an editorial headlined; “Harry Reid’s latter-day McCarthyism.” The political blog, “The Hill” headlined a story, “Romney Advisor compares Reid’s tax claims to McCarthyism“.

The ever-deplorable Huffington Post published a story defending Hillary Clinton’s aide’s links to the Muslim Brotherhood by attacking Representative Michelle Bachmann and Representative Lt. Col. Alan West under the headline, “Bachmann, West and the Rebirth of McCarthyism“.

The rebirth of McCarthyism?  Joe McCarthy may have died in 1957, but the legend that bears his name lives on.  And on.

Fried Chicken McCarthyism” screams the Washington Examiner. “New York Times Uses McCarthyism To Attack Romney Advisor” cries the American Thinker. And finally, “McCarthyism and the War on Gays”.

“McCarthyism” is just about the dirtiest charge that anybody can throw at an American politician.  It is worse than being called a homophobe or an Islamophobe, ranking somewhere up there closer to being called a racist.

For most Americans, they know McCarthyism is something terrible, but they would struggle if called upon to explain exactly what or why.

To liberals, Senator Joseph McCarthy was a right-wing demagogue who systematically destroyed the lives of innocent Americans in what revisionist history now calls a ‘Communist witch hunt.’

For Republicans, Senator Joe McCarthy is toxic.  They do their best to ignore him when possible, unless they see an opportunity to use his name as a club, as in the American Thinker headline above.

Senator Joe McCarthy is one of those rare people who became words, like Mikhail Kalishnikov or Vidun Quisling.

Kalishnikov invented the assault rifle so popular with terrorists and revolutionaries.  A Kalishnikov means a particular design of assault rifle.

Vidun Quisling was a Norwegian puppet president for the Nazis who was hanged by the Norwegians as a traitor after the war.  A quisling is another word for a traitor.

And a McCarthyite is another name for a particularly nasty type of demagoguery.  Think Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.  Or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.

But Kalishnikov became a word for something he invented.  Quisling became a word for something he did.

If McCarthyism reflected the real Joe McCarthy, it would mean heroic.


On 1 February 1943, the U.S. Army’s Signal Intelligence Service, a forerunner of the National Security Agency, began a small, very secret program, later codenamed Venona.  The object of the Venona program was to examine and possibly exploit encrypted Soviet diplomatic communications.

These messages had been accumulated by the Signal Intelligence Service (later renamed the U.S. Army Signal Security Agency and commonly called “Arlington Hall” after the Virginia location of its headquarters) since 1939. There they languished for years.

The accumulated message traffic comprised an unsorted collection of thousands of Soviet diplomatic telegrams that had been sent from Moscow to certain of its diplomatic missions and from those missions to Moscow.

Project Venona was kept from the administrations of both Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, primarily because of what they revealed.  Venona revealed that administrations were heavily infiltrated with Soviet agents.

After the war, the McCarthy hearings sought out many of these Soviet agents, most of whom denied any involvement and went to their deaths as heroes of the Progressive Left.   Until the Soviet intercepts were declassified in 1995.

They confirmed that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, executed in 1950 for passing atomic secrets to the Soviets, were guilty as charged.  So was Alger Hiss.  Hiss advised Roosevelt at Yalta, where the US agreed to let the Soviets have Eastern Europe.  Hiss was instrumental in the creation of the United Nations.

After Hiss was convicted of perjuring himself before the McCarthy committee, Secretary of State Dean Acheson said he still supported Hiss.  (That would be the equivalent of Colin Powell endorsing a convicted senior al-Qaeda operative who had infiltrated the Bush White House.)

The same can be said of the rest of those who claimed to be victims of ‘McCarthyism’ most of whom would be numbered today among the politically correct.

Liberals managed to tar McCarthy with HUAC’s brush.  HUAC stood for House UnAmerican Activities Committee.  That was Richard Nixon’s committee.

McCarthy wasn’t a member of HUAC, he wasn’t even eligible.  McCarthy was a member of the Senate, not the House.  Unlike his revisionist portrait, McCarthy was reluctant to name suspects, and his committee was charged only with looking for suspected Communists in government service.

While HUAC was looking for traitors, McCarthy’s committee only looked at federal employees to determine if they were security risks that needed to be reassigned or fired.

Does that sound anything like the history of Joe McCarthy you’ve heard?

The liberalism that allowed the Soviet Union to nearly defeat the United States from within is now the governing left wing of the Democrat Party and now controls the White House and Senate.  Liberals in control of the media see to it that McCarthyism remains the most grave insult one can heap on a public figure.

The truth is not hard to find.  But the fictional Joe McCarthy lives on, while the hero lies unsung in his grave.  Did YOU know that sensitive classified information was denied Democratic presidents during the Cold War because they were untrustworthy?

Did YOU know that Soviet intercepts conclusively proved the guilt of Communists like Alger Hiss and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Did YOU know that former Assistant Secretary Harry Dexter White, Roosevelt chief of staff Lauchlin Curry and Duncan Lee, chief of staff to the head of the OSS (CIA) were ALL Soviet agents?

President Roosevelt was informed that Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White were Soviet agents.  He laughed it off.  Truman was also informed that they were Soviet agents.  Truman also laughed it off, and then appointed Harry Dexter White to head the IMF.

In 1953, President Eisenhower directed his Attorney General to announce that former President Truman appointed White to the IMF while KNOWING FULL WELL White was a Soviet agent.  Truman tried to deny it, saying he had never seen the FBI report that claimed White was a spy.

So the FBI produced the report.  Then Truman said he appointed White head of the IMF to get him out of Treasury.  As a ‘security’ measure.  At the time, the liberal media accepted Truman’s explanation.  Because that is what they wanted to believe.

The liberal media doesn’t talk about that much now, because for fifty years, they’ve been defending all these Soviet agents and to publicize it would show they were complicit in treason.

Truth is always harmonious with history – by its nature; it needs no explanation because it IS the explanation.  Truth doesn’t need to be shaped to fit history.  But revisionist history never quite seems to fit the frame without some creative explanation.

Like McCarthyism, for example.  It always sounded flat to my ear, because it didn’t fit with the facts.  If McCarthy exposed the infiltration of Soviet agents into the highest reaches of government, why would his name become a political insult of the highest degree?

And history shows he did exactly that and probably bought America the extra thirty years necessary to defeat the Evil Empire without having to resort to thermonuclear war.

We know that Stalin got his hands on the US plans for the atomic bomb, and that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg gave them to him.  So why has there been such a systematic effort to portray the people who condemned the world to fifty years under the shadow of the mushroom cloud as ‘victims’ of ‘McCarthyism’?

I’ll bet you didn’t know that McCarthy hadn’t even been elected to the Senate when the Rosenbergs were arrested?  But history credits him with haunting them to their execution chambers, nonetheless.

And since Alger Hiss helped condemn Eastern Europe to four decades of Soviet domination, (confirmed by Venona) why would the liberals still be trying to rehabilitate him fifty years later?

The liberal myth doesn’t explain any of that without a lot of fancy footwork and baloney about ‘McCarthyism.’  The unvarnished truth explains all of that without any mental gymnastics – because it is true.  That’s what the phrase ‘ring of truth’ is all about.

All anybody has to do is yell ‘McCarthyism’ as a shield against any serious inquiry into what they were up to, while systematically maintaining their own blacklist.

If one is not pro-homosexual or pro-abortion, one is blacklisted by anything controlled by the liberal establishment.  Look at Dan Cathy and the efforts by the mayors of major Democrat-controlled cities to blacklist the restaurant because they didn’t like the views of its owner.

Senator Joe McCarthy hunted down the traitors that lived among us and who sold us out to those who would have destroyed us.  Today, liberals use his name as both a swear word and the ultimate political insult.

There is a lesson in there, somewhere.