John Kerry, the Islamic Republic’s New Lobbyist



Front Page Mag: “Iran, the nation that has built a well-deserved reputation as the world’s premier state-sponsor of terrorism, has a new lobbyist and he is none other than U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

Since the Obama administration inked the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in January, Kerry has been busying himself with ensuring that European banks start doing business with the Iranians.

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only has the United States and its European allies agreed to lift sanctions against the Islamic Republic, the administration is now encouraging the private banking sector to do the same. It appears however, that their intense lobbying efforts are being received with a healthy dose of skepticism.”

Opinion: From the same man who famously said “I was for the Iraq war bef0re I was against it”, and that the greatest threat to our nation is climate change.

Yessiree, that is the same Secretary of State who blamed Israel for the collapse of the 2014 peace talks and never misses an opportunity to throw Netanyahu under the bus.

For an encore, the Secretary is helping the same country that recently launched two missiles (with the words “Israel must be wiped off the earth” in Hebrew) build its financial coffers by encouraging banks to open up business with the genocidal nation.

Way to go John, we never thought you could outdo yourself.



Source: Slider