Jordan’s economic troubles may leave it vulnerable to Islamic State



The Times of Israel: “Amid the chaos of the Arab-Spring-turned-winter, the Hashemite Kingdom has remained calm. But a refugee influx has exacerbated its financial difficulties, with unemployment among its youth as high as 50%. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Jordan is deeply reliant on foreign aid from the US, Europe and Gulf states. Since the start of the Arab Spring in 2011, Jordan has received $12 billion in loan guarantees, development assistance and military aid.

But Dr. Yoav Alon, a historian of the Hashemite Kingdom at Tel Aviv University and author of “The Making of Jordan: Tribes, Colonialism and the Modern State,” told The Times of Israel that the current economic situation is unsustainable.”

Opinion: In our post yesterday, we quoted Daniel 11:41 “He (Antichristshall enter also into the glorious land (Israel), and many countries shall be overthrown: but these (Jews) shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab (Central Jordan), and the chief of the children of Ammon (northern Jordan).

Edom has been made desolate, in accordance with Ezekiel 35:5-7, so it is central and northern Jordan known as the children of Lot that are in financial trouble.

The Genesis account of Lot’s incestuous relationship with his two daughters produced the brothers Moab and Ammon and a contentious relationship with the Israelites.

Here is where it gets interesting:

We know from Psalm 83 that Edom, Moab, and Ammon are represented as part of the invasion force on Israel. Since Edom became desolate in the 6th century BC, the Edomites are found (not exclusively) in the West Bank and Gaza today.

So, how the could Moab and Ammon be wiped out in the war and still be protected in the final war of Armageddon?

ISIS, or some other terror group, temporarily takes over the government of Jordan, joins in the invasion of Psalm 83, and is wiped out.

ISIS could be an answer.




Source: Slider