Juncker Has Meltdown While Debating Future Of EU


YNet News: There should be no doubt about the current status of the European Union. It’s crumbling before our very eyes.

Between the sprawling unaccountable bureaucracy in Brussels, the unpayable debts, the unfettered immigration, and the unprecedented emergence of conservative, nationalistic groups, it’s obvious that the EU is not long for this world. No nation can survive those pressures; much less a loosely held, 24 year old political union consisting of a wide variety of languages and cultures.

And this fact is beginning to show. Not just because nations like the UK have already voted to leave the EU, and talk of independence referendums is spreading like wildfire across the continent. This fact is beginning to show on the faces and lips of the EU’s leaders. more …

Opinion: It’s crumbling just like Daniel said it would. The part that gets a bit unreal is that we are not here for that, and it is unfolding quickly.

Excerpt Bible Prophecy 101 chapter 10: Unfulfilled Prophecy

I can’t help but think that the final blow that takes down the EU/revived Roman Empire will be financial. Take for example the near fall of Deutsche Bank:

Last fall the behemoth German bank was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Germany’s biggest lender was desperately negotiating a $14 billion penalty imposed by the U.S. Justice Department for mis-selling mortgage-backed securities prior to the 2008-9 financial crisis.

By September 30, 2016, DB was reported to have only 16 billion in reserves. Few EU analysts would disagree that the fall of Deutsche could have taken down Germany and cause a domino effect on European and US banks.

While the fine was settled for $7 billion and DB was given a chance to survive another day, the danger of an epic financial disaster was very real.

The EU lives and breathes because of Germany. And it was Germany that started the first two world wars.