Justice Department Replaces ‘Allah’ With ‘God’ in Censored Orlando Terrorist Transcript



Townhall: “The FBI has released a partial transcript of the exchange between Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen and local law enforcement authorities during his attack on Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

Not only did the Department of Justice, under direction from the White House no doubt, censor Mateen’s repeated pledges to the Islamic State, but they printed words he said in Arabic in English, changing “Allah” to “God.”

OD: Emergency 911, this is being recorded.

OM: In the name of God the Merciful, the beneficial [in Arabic]

Opinion: I have always been curious that Daniel 11: 36 begins with the words “Then the king shall do according to his own will”. Those 10 words sound so simple but think about the power they imply.

Over the past 7 years the world has been conditioned to accept leaders that do according to their own will.

When the final dictator steps forward, the world will fall at his feet.

(Thanks to Vason for sending this in)


Source: Slider