Kabul blasts shatter illusions of Bennett-Biden honeymoon on Iran


Times of Israel: Naftali Bennett could have thought he was on a lucky streak.

Despite his Yamina faction winning only seven seats in the 2021 Knesset elections — tied for fifth place with four other parties — after all the backroom wheeling and dealing, Bennett somehow found himself coming out on top as prime minister.

Though managing an ideologically incoherent coalition of pro-settler nationalists, secular right-wingers, Islamists, centrist, and left-wing greens, Bennett has so far managed to keep his government together, even approving a state budget for the first time in three years (though it has not yet passed a crucial Knesset vote).

The trip to the US — Bennett’s first as prime minister — was supposed to be his coming out moment. He would firm up his image as a national leader during a joint appearance with Biden in the Oval Office, proving to Israel that his style and temperament were far better suited to handling ties with a Democratic administration than those of his more combative predecessor Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bennett made clear that he believed his successes thus far were due to much more than luck. He indicated that he thought his approach to keeping his unwieldy coalition together could be the centerpiece of his relationship with the Biden administration. Read More …

Opinion: President Joe Biden wants a two state solution. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett calls the two state solution a ‘dead end’. Biden wants a new deal with Iran, Bennett wants a hard line. Not a great start.

There will be no success for Bennett unless he agrees to Biden’s plan to re-open the Palestinian Consulate in East Jerusalem, a de facto embassy for the Palestinians that former President Donald Trump shuttered in 2019.

The never ending demand by leftist politicians is to return to the 1967 borders. If/when that gets accomplished a ‘right of return’ for millions of Arabs that are not entitled to even 1 square inch of real estate in Israel, will only end in more bloodshed and the prophesied war of Psalm 83.

That the ‘two state solution’ was accomplished in 1822 when Britain took back 78% of the land they had granted to Israel under the Balfour Declaration and established Jordan as a home for Arab peoples is forgotten. With that concession the mighty British Empire began to decline under the Abrahamic Covenant’ (Genesis 12:3)

The demand for an Arab state in the West Bank and Gaza along with the right of return of 5 million Jordanian refugees is, in fact, a three-state solution with Jerusalem as a split capital.

The ignorance of God’s word is astounding.