Jordan addresses the general debate of the General AssemblyÕs seventy-first session.
Jordan addresses the general debate of the General AssemblyÕs seventy-first session.

JPost: Jordan will thwart any attempts to change Jerusalem’s Muslim and Christian character, King Abdullah II told the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

He made an impassioned plea for a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the 2002 Arab League initiative and warned against a one-state solution to the conflict.

“We need to safeguard the heritage and peace of Jerusalem, a holy city to billions of people around the world. The Hashemite custodianship of Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem is a duty that Jordan is proud to carry.”

Opinion: Not only did Jordan’s king fail to mention the 3000 year old Jewish history of Jerusalem, he also forgot that if not for a Jewish General named Moshe Dayan, Jordan would have no control over the Temple Mount.

A little history:

  • 1917: Britain signed the Balfour Declaration that committed Britain to establish a national home for the Jewish people.
  • 1919: World War I ended, the Ottoman Empire collapsed, and the Middle East was to be divided up.
  • 1922: League of Nations awarded Britain mandates over Trans-jordan (a British Protectorate), Palestine, and Iraq.
  • Britain awarded the entire land of Palestine to Israel with no territorial restrictions.
  • Israel was granted both sides of the Jordan River, totaling 43,075 square miles.
  • A few months later, Britain, under pressure, altered the Balfour Declaration and took back 32,460 square miles, or 78 percent of the original land grant.
  • That land was then given to establish the nation called Jordan as a state for Arabs

The two state solution was created:

Without the British decision in 1922, Abdullah would not be king over anything. And because of the British decision, the sun began to set on the British Empire in accordance with Genesis 12:3  “… And I will curse him who curses you”.

From  1922 to 1967 east Jerusalem and the Temple Mount were under Jordanian control.

When the Temple Mount was liberated in the 1967 war, General Dayan, a secular Jew, decided to give control over the entire area to Jordan to keep peace, but those days will come to an end with the triumphant return of Jesus Christ (Rev. 19:13-16, 20:1-3, 21:3).