Klein: Trump Advancing Real Mideast Peace by Exposing Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Myth


Breitbart: The Trump administration seems poised to help bring real and lasting peace to the Middle East by recognizing the long-ignored reality that the Palestinian “refugee” issue is a giant fraud perpetuated by the Palestinians together with the United Nations.

According to several reports, the Trump White House is planning to issue a policy paper capping the number of Palestinian “refugees” at about 500,000, which is one tenth the number claimed by the UN. The U.S. administration is also reportedly set to reject the UN’s definition of a Palestinian “refugee,” which scandalously differs from the way all other refugees are officially categorized by the international body and is clearly designed to perpetuate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Already in January, the Trump administration slashed aid to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the UN body that ministers to the Palestinian “refugees.”  On Tuesday, Foreign Policy magazine cited sources saying the U.S. has decided to stop funding UNRWA altogether, an overdue move given that UNRWA’s very existence only fuels radicalism and Palestinian intransience. more …

Opinion: Somebody pinch me to see if what I just read was in a dream. I never thought I would see the day that the research I found while writing Antichrist: The Search for Amalek would be verified by the White House.

“When the Ottoman Empire collapsed at the end of World War I in
1919, the League of Nations divided the land of Palestine. In 1922,
the League awarded the area of Palestine, Transjordan, and Iraq
to Britain. The League awarded mandates over Syria and Lebanon
to France.

The Arab refugees remaining in Palestine after the war were
denied citizenship in every Arab nation except Jordan, where they
were allowed limited citizenship.9
Thousands were stuck in the Promised Land with nowhere to go.

These Arab peoples were eventually offered a state within the
Jewish state of Israel in 1947, creating a binational state through UN
Resolution 181, but they refused it and chose war instead. Ironically,
most nations of the world today consider the Jewish state stolen and
the Jews “occupiers”. (page 29)

And this …

1. The British Mandate terminated in mid-May.
2. Prior to Israel’s statehood announcement, approximately
700,000 of 900,000 Arab refugees were warned of a pending
war. The Arabs were advised to flee the area, for they might
be mistaken for Israelis.
3. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Said declared, “We will smash the
country with our guns and obliterate every place the Jews
seek shelter in. The Arabs should conduct their wives and
children to safe areas until the fighting has died down.”60
4. Israel was born on May 14, 1948, and was attacked on the
same day by Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. After the war,
Egypt controlled the Gaza Strip and its more than 200,000
inhabitants but refused to allow the Palestinians into Egypt. (page 130)

My count of 700-900,000 Arabs who had been in Israel working were told to flee since they might be mistaken for Jews, is higher than the White House count but still a fraction of the 5 million the Arabs claim.

The lies are being exposed, which brings up a conundrum.

The person who first brings peace to the Middle East causing Israel to take down walls and gates (Ezekiel 38:11) is Antichrist (Daniel 9:27). However, if the Trump peace plan only involves the Sunni Muslims, Iran will still be Israel’s nemesis.

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