Knesset Member Blasts Turkey’s Demand for Gazan Seaport



Breaking Israel News: “So will I send a fire on the wall of Gaza, and it shall devour the palaces thereof.”
Amos 1:7

“The subject of a seaport has reportedly resurfaced as part of recent negotiations between Israel and Turkey, who have made it a demand for renewing relations with Israel.

Relations between the two countries were seriously damaged as a result of the IDF raid on the Mavi Marmara in 2010. An international group of over 600 activists were attempting to violate Israel’s blockade of Gaza when IDF commandos boarded the Turkish vessel.

Activists attacked the commandos and nine Turkish nationals were killed in the ensuing battle. In reaction, Turkey downgraded political relations and suspended military cooperation with Israel, which had been extensive until the incident.

Opinion: Theater of the absurd.

In 2013, President Obama coerced Prime Minister Netanyahu into apologizing to Turkey’s president Erdogan for the Mavi Marmara incident. Israel even agreed to pay $20 million to the victims for an international incident that was completely Turkey’s fault.

The Israeli embargo is for the sole purpose of preventing weapons, missiles, and tunnel-building materials from entering Gaza. No humanitarian aid has ever been blocked.

The Hamas government has fired over 14,000 rockets into Israel since 2005; and tunnels for the purpose of terror attacks are so pervasive that Israeli residents near the Gaza border can feel the vibrations in the floor boards of their homes.

So PM Erdogan’s phony gestures of re-establishing ties with Israel that are contingent upon allowing Hamas to have a seaport are the equivalent of handing a loaded gun to someone breaking into your home.

But, then, this is Israel we are talking about, where Satan works overtime.

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