Leftists angered over tiny faith image attached to Christian’s online profile


We now know the extent of “tolerance” on the part of leftists [effectively none], and what it takes to trigger them and send them into a rage: A tiny online image that they don’t like appearing in a Microsoft software program.

The proof is in a case being handled now by the American Center for Law and Justice.

“But whoever denies Me before people, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 10:33

The organization reports it has launched legal action to correct the Department of Veterans Affairs’ “insidious discrimination.”

It is a worker at the VA offices in Colorado for which the case was filed.

And the circumstances “provide yet another alarming example of the Biden administration’s unapologetic pursuit of a radical abortion agenda in a manner that defies federal law.”

The ACLJ reported the organization’s client “is a medical health employee working at a VA medical center in Colorado. Like many VA employees, and since COVID, many of his job responsibilities are now completed via email, Skype and/or SharePoint – all Microsoft Office applications.”

This then developed: “VA employees across the country participating in these MS Teams applications can upload a photograph to their Microsoft profile which is displayed in these various MS Teams applications. Photos selected by VA employees include a wide array of personal logos or photos of nature, dogs, family, LGTBQ rainbow and/or flags, and the like. Our client chose a picture expressing his appreciation for human life – both born and unborn. One of his photos was that of a red heart and a cross in the middle with the words ‘pro-life.’ Another photo depicted an unborn baby inside a heart shape with a cross.”

Despite all of the other political and ideology-driven images that were allowed, VA officials immediately contacted the client and ordered to remove his pro-life and religious images.

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